Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm Stuffed

So today is Wednesday and I have not blogged in what seems like forever. I feel like i have so much going on yet nothing at all. I didnt have to work today because they kindergarten classes went to the pumkin patch but i had to stay here and go to classes. Everything is going good, i'm tryin to manage my time wisely on days like this when i dont have much to do but i always find myself waisting away the day. I have been snacking all day and i am STUFFED let me tell you. Tonight our church is having a fall festival and i am very excited to see all the youngins and some adults lol dress up it will be interesting. I made some brownies for the occasion but they are gooey brownies and i just cant make myself take them b.c they are sooo messy! so i guess they will stay at my house and i will have to eat them all up.

At the end of this month our church is having a heaven and hell house where we act out how we think heaven and hell may be. I am very excited to see peoples lives change through this. If anyone is around the Monticello area come stop by at Shady Grove Missionary Baptist church, or if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Yesterday a 19 year old guy was killed in a car accident and a year ago a 19 year old was also killed in a automobile accident. So many bad things are happening it seems but i believe the Lord is testing us. We need to praise him in the good times and the bad times and he wants us to knwo that we can ALWAYS trust in him. I know this is a very different situation but it seems like everytime i take a test or do something for work ect. i doubt that i did well and i feel like i messed up everytime but God shows me after every test or every situation that HE is in CONTROL and if i have faith in him everything will be okay and that is the only thing taht matters. No i am not saying i will pass every test but if i have faith that the Lord will help me succeed i will do just that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


First of all PLEASE PRAY FOR MY GRANDPA, he is having back surgery tomorrow. Thank you Bloggers!

As a result of Southeast Arkansas flooding yesterday, I did not have to work today! Yippee.. So that means all i had to do was go to school and come home and do homework all day. NOT.. this means that i got to go tan and come home to clean, blog and play on facebook allll day. lol. School is so time consuming and I literally do homework all the time. Another result of the flooding, our roof is now leaking! I am soo lucky! lol

So far my day has been going good. I have felt like i have let little things come inbetween my relationship with God and so last night while reading A Woman After God's own Heart, I gave it all to God. All my sins and all my concerns. I am soo glad we have such a forgiving Savior! So today hasnt been to stressful I took a quiz and a lot of notes. I did get to wear my oh so cute pink rainboots lol.

Last night, Ryan ripped up our carpet in the hallway and decided to put down hardwood flooring so When he gets home i will get to hear all the beatin and baggin! WOO HOO!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I just can not get away from my computer and its only day 2 of blogging! I am so interested in other people's lives and how they cope with life. I love to see christian woman spreading the word of God by just saying uplifting things and it is very encouraging. I guess i just want to take time and say a little more about my life. I have a wonderful mother who is divorced but is engaged to a great man. I have a great dad who is just your typical man, lol. I have awesome grandparents and in-laws. I have a sweet sister who is about two months pregnant. (Keep her in your prayers please) I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. My husband is your ordinary country man. He wears work boots to church, a deer hunting shirt and a camo hat. lol. There are times when I want to change things about him but then i quickly realize that the little things that i want to change are the reasons why i fell in love with him. I am going to put pictures up as soon as i can. we live in the "sticks" and our computer is VERY slow. Ryan asked me to marry him on june 7 2008. We had talked about it for a while and so one night we went on a date after one of his best guy friends had a wedding. We are all dressed up and he took me to the lake where the sun was setting and we were eating a great meal , taco bell which is greatbc that is where we had our first date, and he got on one knee. My heart began to melt and tears began to feel my eyes ...until i then quickly realized that he was tieing his shoe!! No joke! But luckily a week later he proposed! it was a little far from what i expected. He had good intensions but you know nothing ever goes quite as planned. He had planed on borrowing his buddies party barge and putting lights candles roses etc all over it but when the buddy backed out last min, plan b was unthought of. So as we drove for what felt like hours, mind you i was in the WORST mood, he took me to the lake once again except to the back of the lake told me to come sit on his tailgate and we talked. He said some sweet sweet things and told me how much he loved me and he had the box with the ring in it in his pocket and he could bearly get the box out. but he did. HE got on his KNEE and with tears in his eyes asked me to be his wife. We cried and danced in the moon light. Oh i forgot to mention there were tires in the back of his truck which made it more romantic right. I know this is soo long already so i will cut it short but i just had to tell this wonderful story of how two ppl started their lives together. I will write about the wedding tomorrow. Now i must make my lunch to take to work tommorrow wash my face brush my teeth and go to bed. lol..yes i go to bed before 10! I hope you all enjoy this blog! Leave comments !

Not Me Monday

This is my first not me. So thanks to MckMama and Kasey for informing me on Not Me Mondays!!!

It was NOT me that seen that the carpet was wet in a spot, and thought the rain came up from under the house, and not dog pee.

I just dont understand sometimes

Here is the note that i posted on Facebook a few months ago. So I love to write and I love to tell others what I am thinking bout. I wrote my first note September 5, 2006 which is almost 3 years ago. Woah, time flys by so fast. I re-read some of my notes just to see how things were going in my life and where i stood as a person and i realized how unhappy i was. All my notes were bout being heartbroken or gettin hurt by so many people. Alot of them were happy and stupid lol but all in all i was a whole different person. I dont care who reads this or what you might think of me after you read this I just want to tell a little bit about me and how i have changed over the 3 years. I used to follow the crowd and still do sometimes but this time i am following the right crowd. Everyone just wants to fit in and i'm not blaming my actions because of that reason alone. I love to have fun but these days i am having fun in a different way. On July 22, two years ago I was saved. I have thought since i was a kid that i was saved but as i looked back at these notes and remembering the memories i clearly wasnt. I am so glad to because it was the summer before i started college and i cant imagine what my freshman year would have been like if i hadnt of gotten my life right. yes i did mess up and wasnt perfect but NO ONE is. Think of one person in your head right now that acts like they have it all together ...they arent perfect and they mess up too. THat is okay too! But the thing that isnt okay and i guess is the reason i am writing this today is to ask why people continue to do the same sin over and over again. if you know its wrong why do you keep doing it. and when i say you i am including myself too. A sin is a sin and i might gossip and you might do drugs but in Gods eyes its all the same. there is a song and i cant remember the words exactly but it talks bout living your life for God and only God because in the end that is really all that matters. Why do you think you are on this earth? Its not to party and do what you want it is to live a God like life and tell everyone you know about his glory. Dont let some one not hear about God becuase you are worried you ownt have any more drinking buddies or someone to sleep with. I have changed so much from my highschool years. I will be a junior this year and I am excited and hopefully i can change someones life forever. I know that i am married and you may think i am not tempted to do stuff so thats why its easy for me not to do them. wrong! I am still tempted to do stuff but I look for strength in my heavenly father because i can do all things through christ who strengthens me! I am just happy and you can be happy too if you let go of the worldly things that in the end wont even matter. i have heard people say that when they graduate college they will change.. what if you dont make it to the end of college. you dont knwo when your last day will be so change now! I dont have all the answers but God does and we get those answers by reading the bible and praying. You may think i am weird and i'm a Jesus Freak holy roller but thats fine with me lol. I care about you enough to tell you that you can change and its so easy and like i have said , once you let go of the worldy things your life will be soo much better. I dare you to change, now its your turn to make the decision!

Rainy Days

Today is a VERY rainy day. Every road in southeast Arkansas is flooded I believe. Since I work at a school and the roads were flooding we got to leave early. I am so thankful for that! I can always use a break from work and school except I dont get to many breaks from school. I plan on doing some studying on this rainy day. It is now pouring outside and I am so thankful I have a home to come into to get away from the rain. Even though i am looking at a spot on my ceiling where there is a "wet spot" or whatever it is called. I love to write and and not to long ago I wrote a note on Facebook, yes the one and only facebook, and I would love to share it on my blog so everyone can understand who I am. I live my life for God and everything I do I do it for the the glory of God. Noone is perfect and I'll be the first to admit that i am FAR from it, but I try to live my life the right way. Dont get me wrong i LOVE to have fun but as I have gotten older I realize that the old stuff I used to be involved in wasnt that fun at all and there are so many things that you can do to entertain yourself that doesnt involve "the bad things" lol.. anyways.i am not the preacher in the family, my wonderful husband is but if I wasnt a woman i would sure be up there preaching. I love to say how I feel. I hope i do not come across as judgmental or uptight I just want others to know where I stand. Feel free to leave comments I would love to read other peoples feedback. I hope everyone has a blessed day and God Bless!